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Season 1888/89

F  = Friendly      FAC Q1 = F.A. Cup Qualifying round 1

Bold is a home game.  R next to a game is a known reserve game

29/9London ScottishFW 2 0Narburg x2
6/10ReadingFAC Q1W 4 0E. Lomax, Narburg, Thring, J.C. Lomax
13/10HitchinFL 0 4
13/10Wolverton RFL 2 3Miller, Smith
20/10Old St. Paul'sFL 0 2
27/10CheshamFAC Q2D 3 3Narburg, J.C. Lomax x2
27/10Limehouse RFW 5 1Spratley, F. Whitby, Smith, Miller x 2
31/10Norton CollegeFW 6 0
3/11CheshamFAC Q2 RW 10 2Narburg x 3, Thring x3, G. Deacon x 2, J.C. Lomax x2
Att - 1,000
10/11Tottenham HotspurFW 2 0
17/11Old BrightoniansFAC Q3L 1 3G. Deacon
Attendance 2,000
24/11BedfordFW 2 0
28/11Grosvenor CollegeFW 4 0
1/12Millwall RoversFW 3 0G. Deacon, Thring, Miller
15/12St. John's CollegeFW 5 1Thring x 4
18/12Ashton Grammar SchoolFW 6 1
26/12UnityFW 3 0Miller, F. Whitby, E. Wright
29/12Bowes Park RFL 0 3
29/12Grosvenor CollegeFL 0 2
12/1WaverleyFD 1 1Spratley
12/1Upton ExcelsiorFW 2 0
19/1Millwall RoversFL 2 4J.C. Lomax, Smart
19/1Caddington RFW 8 1Pedrick, Corney, Spratley, E. Wright, Moody, Waller, OG x 2
26/1St. John's CollegeFL 0 1E. Wright
2/2OaklandsFW 3 2G. Deacon, G.H. Small, Hoy
2/2Wolverton RFL 0 4
9/2EdmontonFW 1 0Miller
16/2BedfordFW 4 0
23/2HampsteadFW 4 0G. Deacon, F. Whitby, J.C. Lomax, Humphrey
27/2Bedfordshire RegimentFD 1 1
16/3Bowes ParkFW 1 0H. Whitby
23/3VulcansFD1 1G. Deacon
6/4WaverleyFW 7 2
19/4Clapham Rovers RFD 2 2Spraggles x 2
19/4ClaptonFW 6 0Miller, Nolloth x 2, J.C. Lomax, Paul, Taylor
20/4OaklandsFW 7 1White, Towle, Miller, Hills x 2, Nolloth x 2
22/4Caledonian Swifts RFW 5 0Fuller, Spraggles
22/4WoodvilleFW 4 1Nolloth, Miller

One fixture is missing.  From my research this could well be against Vulcans at Roundwood Park on the 22nd December 1888.  This fixture was announced but no result shown anywhere. Hopefully the British Newspaper Archives will release a newspaper with confirmation soon.  In the meantime it is probable  that this is the missing games which was drawn.

The official figures from the AGM show that Luton Town -Played 38, Won 23, Lost 9, Drew 6, Goals for 115, goals against 49.

The club were satisfied with the season but the opposition were only middling to weak clubs.  As for the known scorers – L.C.R. Thring – 9, Walter Miller – 9, J.C. Lomax – 8, Locke Narburg, George Deacon – 7, Nolloth – 5, Frank Whitby, Spraggles, Spratley – 3, Edgar Wright, Hills, – 2.  And on one goal each – Ernest Lomax, Hoy, Waller, Harry Whitby, G.H. Small, Humphrey, Smith, Paul, Taylor, Fuller, Towle, Moody, Corney and Pedrick.  Lastly we have 2 own goals – the Caddington goalkeeper was barged over the line twice whilst holding the ball so I have counted them as own goals.  Spratley was the barger on both occasions.