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2016 – Cod Almighty fanzine –

“They are passionate, arsy and sometimes a bit out of control, but thoroughly understand what football is all about.”

1894 Woolwich Gazette, 9th March –

“I was amused at the frenzy of a group of Lutonians, including committeemen – assembled in the enclosure. They were linesmen, referee, and players.  They threw up their hands and appealed for everything and nothing even when the players themselves did not.  Mr Natt Whittaker [referee], however, failed to “catch on.”  I like to see redhot partizanship, but when officials of a club lose their heads there is a danger of their crowd doing ditto, and then it requires but a very little to excite that kind of enthusiasm which leads to mischief, when things go a bit rocky.” 

Attending a match in 1894

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