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Season 1887/88

F = Friendly.  FAC1 = F.A. Cup 1st round.

Bold is a home game.  R next to an opponent = a known reserve game

1/10HitchinFD 0 0
8/10LyndhurstFW 2 1Barber, Munroe
8/10HarpendenFW 4 2
15/10ChathamFAC1L 1 5J.C. Lomax
15/10Ilford RFL 0 4
22/10LimehouseFW 5 1Smart, Moody, Deacon
26/10Grosvenor CollegeFW 4 1
29/10Caledonian SwiftsFW 1 0J.C. Lomax
5/11HitchinFD 0 0
5/11Engineers (Luton) RFW 2 1Spratley
12/11BedfordFL 1 4
12/11Luton RangersFW 3 1Brookes, Boxford, Deacon
19/11DulwichFL 0 7
26/11St. John's CollegeFL 1 2G.H. Small
3/12HotspurFL 1 2Spratley
10/12DulwichFD 1 1Hills
17/12Unity (London)FD 0 0
24/12WoodvilleFW 3 0E.H. Lomax, J.C. Lomax, Smart
26/12Upton Excelsior RFW 2 0Spratley, Wheeler
26/12Unity (London)FW 1 0Smart
27/12Phoenix (London)FW 4 2J.C. Lomax x 2, E. Wright, Spratley
7/1Hanover UnitedFD 1 1J.C. Lomax
7/1Victoria Rangers RFW 2 0
21/1St. John's CollegeFL 2 4G.H. Small, King
28/1Grosvenor (London)FW 2 0Boxford, Deacon
4/2Old St. Paul'sFL 1 2
11/2LimehouseFL 0 2
10/3BedfordFW 3 1Smith, Furlong, Deacon
24/3Bowes ParkFW 4 0Deacon x 2, J.C. Lomax, E.H. Lomax
30/3ClaptonFL 1 2
31/3Hanover UnitedFW 4 0J.C. Lomax, Smart, Smith
2/4London Scottish United RFW 4 3Spratley x 2, Pedrick
2/4WoodvilleFW 2 0Smith
3/4Engineers (Luton)FW 9 1
7/4London CaledoniansFL 0 2
14/4Old St. Paul'sFL 0 5

This season was a big leap forward for the club in terms of the quality of fixtures.  They played against many of the better London sides and their results suffered accordingly – Winning 19, drawing 5 and losing 12.  6 of those wins were by the reserves.  The season was a huge dose of realism enabling them to ascertain their place in the football pyramid in the south of England.  It also enabled them to see other club’s players (and maybe poach them), tactics and club organisation.  It was a pivotal season and turned out to be an inspired decision as the club would reap the benefits in the long term.

Again newspaper reports do not tell us the full story but from what we do know the top scorers were – J.C. Lomax 8, George Deacon 6, Herbert Spratley 6 (4 for the reserves), Smart 4, Small 2 and E.H. Lomax 2.