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Luton Town Players and committee members 1885 – 1894

This list has not been published before.  I have extracted these players and committee members names from the newspaper reports and the club minute books from this period.  If you have any photos or information, no matter how small, please get in touch.

There are a number of points to bear in mind when reading the list.

Some names may be mis-spelt, for instance Chesher is often called Cheshire in the newspaper reports.  I have included both in this list.

I have come across many errors with the initials of players.  One of the reasons for this was that the reporter gave a hand written report to the paper’s print compositor.   The compositor had to decipher the often flamboyant hand writing style.  This was not always done accurately so we do get some initials of players confused.  For instance “I” and “J” are often confused, as are others.

Some players used their middle names on a day to day basis.  Sons were often named after their father so the middle name of the son was used by the family to avoid confusion.  A prime example is John Charles Lomax who was commonly known as “Charlie”.  So J.C. Lomax is sometimes described as C. Lomax.  Others appear to be known by their first names and middle names alternately.

A + denotes a Hall of Fame entry


Allen, Fred                                          Brass Finisher

Arnold, Sidney                                    Straw Hat Blocker

Barbour, Humphrey                            Iron Turner

Barford, A.                                          Probably Albert Barford born 1865

Barford, T.                                           Probably Thomas R. Barford born about 1871

Barrett, H                                            Probably Henry Walter Barrett, born 1863

Barrett, W                                           Ditto

Bayley, A.J.

Bee, Edmund                                     Bricklayer in 1891

Beldam, Cyril A                                 Scholar – St. John’s College

Beldam, George William +                 Scholar – St. John’s College later engineer and inventor

Benavides, J.R.                                 Scholar – St. John’s College

Bennett, Rev Charles William +        Clerk in Holy Orders, St. George’s School Harpenden

Bennett, W

Bird, Joseph William                         Straw Plait Miller


Boston, W


Bower, Arthur K.                               Water Works Engineer

Bower, Philip Henry


Boxford, Henry                                  Labourer

Brown, Thomas Charles                   Straw Hat Manufacturer

Brown, C

Brown, William “Tip” +                      Straw Hat Blocker   aka Roland Brown

Burgess, W

Burley, John                                      Straw Hat Blocker

Carter, E

Carter, H

Cawdell, Arthur Edwin                      Carpenter

Chesher, William                              Straw Hat Manufacturer – Worker

Cheshire, A.

Cheshire, M.

Claridge, C

Clarke, E

Coleman, W

Coles, P

Conquest, W


Cottam, C

Custance, J.

Davis, A

Day, S.

Deacon, Albert                                 Straw Hat Blocker

Deacon, George +                             Straw Hat Blocker

Dickson, F.J.                                     Schoolmaster

Dickson, James William +                Solicitor

Dimmock, Walter                              Labourer

Eling, William                                   Sewing Machine Engineer, AKA Ealing

Ellingham, A

Ellingham, Edward                          Straw Hat Blocker

Ellingham, R                                    Probably Robert, Blocker

Finlayson, John

Fisher, W

Folks, George                                  Carpenter

Fryer, H.


Fullerton, Henry                               Printer – Compositor

Furlong, John Butler +                     “Professor of Aquatics”

Galbraith, Hugh +                            Riveter in 1891 in Middlesborough.  Straw Hat Manufacturer – owner in 1901

Garrett, William                               Blocker

George, W


Gill, James Herbert +                      Assistant Master, St. George’s School, Harpenden

Gorman, J                                       Soldier, 1st Scots Guards

Groom, G


Hayes, P

Hill, Frederick W                             Straw Hat Warehouseman

Hills, H

Hills, William                                   Joiner

Hinwards, P


Hoy, Alfred Ernest  “Jack” +           Straw Hat Blocker manager

Hoy, Frank Horatio                          Straw Hat Blocker assistant

Hucklesby, Herbert Edward +        Cricket Professional, at Bedford Grammar School

Hughes, Ernest P.                          Timekeeper G.N.R. (Great Northern Railway)


Humphrey, George                         Engineer

Hunt, John George                         Straw Hat Warehousemen


Julian, John William +                      Blacksmith in 1891

Inwards, Henry H                            Professor of Music in Cambridge in 1891

Kemp, Herbert H.                            Schoolmaster, lived in Caddington in 1891

King, F

King, G

King, W.


Knowles, Thomas Brook

Lawrence, Thomas                           Straw Hat Blocker later Straw Hat Machinist

Lay, John                                          Straw Hat Machinist

Lomax, David Alexander Napier +   Scholar – St. John’s College

Lomax, Ernest Herbert +                  Scholar – St. John’s College and Cambridge University

Lomax, John Charles +                    Scholar – St. John’s College and Cambridge University

Long, George                                   School Master, Norton College

Long, John                                       Straw Hat Manufacturer

Macartney, H

Martin, A

McKenzie, H

McFie, M.

McNamara, William Henry                Sub editor and Reporter, Luton Reporter

Mileman, Reuben J                           Office boy in 1881.

Miller, Walter Frederick +                   Joiner in 1891

Moody, John                                     Boiler fitter in 1891

Moore, Sandford Ffolliott Pierpoint + Music Master, St. George’s School, Harpenden in 1891

Mouse, Edward                                Hat Block Maker

Munro/Munroe E

Narburgh, Locke                              Scholar – St. John’s College

Nolloth, H                                         Probably William Herbert, a Tailor

Oclee, Herbert W.                            School Teacher at Maulden in 1891

Paul, Horace Joseph “Hod”            Carpenter

Pedrick                                            Probably James Pedrick, Straw Hat Blocker in 1891

Phillipson, F                                    Probably John F. Phillipson, Boarder and Assistant  Master at Ashton Grammar School

Pitkin, Sidney                                  Boiler maker

Platt, Arthur William                        Assistant Schoolmaster at Wellingborough Grammar School in 1891


Read, C

Read, J

Read, Thomas                               Straw Hat Manufacturer

Rowe, G

Saddington, John George             Railway Porter

Sanders. Albert  +                          Straw Hat Machinist

Scott, Frederick                             Block Maker

Seddon, Joseph D.                       Boarder Ashton Grammar School, Dunstable in 1891

Simpkins, J

Small, Gilbert Howard                   Straw Hat Warehouseman

Small, Oliver Frank                        Straw Hat Manufacturer

Small, T.

Smart, Arthur E.                            Carpenter

Smith, B

Smith, G.

Smith, J

Smith, T

Smith, Walter +                             Straw Hat Blocker

Spratley, Herbert George              Block Maker

Spacey, Albert                               Grocer

Spivey, Frank Wilson                    Clerk


Stanley, Sidney Margetts +          Assistant Master, St. George’s School, Harpenden, 1891

Taylor, Arthur Holey +                   Coachmaker

Taylor, John Henry                       Joiner

Tearle, A.

Thring, Lionel Charles Reginald + Head Master, Ashton Grammar School, Dunstable


Underwood, A

Veale, Thomas                           Journeyman Bricklayer


Walker, W

Walsh, H.

Watkins, Joseph                        Straw Hat Blocker

Wheeler, William Green             Baker and confectioner

Whitby, Alfred                             Straw Hat Machinist

Whitby, Frank                             Straw Hat Blocker

Whitby, Harry                             Straw Hat Blocker


Whitehead, F


Wigg, F.W.

Wilson, J

Wise, W                                      Possibly from St. George’s School, Harpenden

Wittick, G

Wright, A

Wright, Edgar                             Scholar – St. John’s College

Wright, G

Wright, J

Wright, M


Abbott, Charles Henry                      Committee 1885/86

Almond, Arthur D                              Committee 1886/87

Arnold, Harry                                    Committee 1893/94

Austin, Albert Fowell                        Committee 1892 to 1894

Barford, Ernest A                             Committee 1892 to 1895

Barford, Gilbert Henry                      Committee 1894/95

Beaver, F                                         Committee 1887/88

Bennett, James Henry +                   Committee 1885 to 1890, 1891/92 season and 1894/95

Bonfield, Richard George                Committee 1889/90

Brown, Charles                                Committee 1886 to 1888

Brown, F                                          Committee 1885/86

Browning, Edgar                              Committee 1890/91

Carter, W                                         Committee 1887 to 1890

Davy or Devey, Henry                     Committee 1893/94

Deacon, George  +                          Committee 1885/86 season and 1887 to 1890

Ellingham, Edward                           Committee 1886/87

Evans, Frederick James                  Committee 1888 to 1892, Treasurer 1892/93

Fryer, Henry Charles                       Committee 1892 to 1894.  Fryerer is probably correct

Furlong, George                              Committee 1885/86

Furlong, John Butler                        Committee 1887/88

Hackett, John Henry                        Committee 1892 to 1894

Hambling, William D.                       Committee 1892/93.

Hill, Frederick                                  Committee 1886 to 1889 and 1892/93

Hinson, George                               Committee 1886/87 and 1891 to 1894

Horn, George                                  Committee 1893/94

Hucklesby, Asher Mayor                 President 1893 to 1894

Hughes, Thomas Nelson                Committee 1890 to 1893

Hunt, John George                         Treasurer 1885 to 1892

Jacquest, Alfred William                 Committee 1890 to 1892

Knowles, Tom Brook                       Committee 1885/86

Long, John                                      Committee member 1885 to 1887 and 1889 to 1892

Lomax, senior, John                        Vice-President and President 1885 to 1888

Lomax, John Charles    +                President 1889 to 1893

Miller, Walter Frederick  +               Committee 1887 to 1890

Newham, James A                         Committee 1890/91

Pakes, Samuel                               Committee 1885/86 and 1890 to 1894

Pitkin, Frank +                                 Secretary in 1885/86, Committee member 1886 to 1893

Robinson, W                                   Committee 1888 to 1890

Samwells, William Alfred                Committee 1887/88 and 1892/93

Saunders, F                                    Committee 1886/87

Scott, Frederick                              Committee 1886 to 1892 and 1894/95

Shane, Henry                                  Committee 1887 to 1889, 1892/93, Treasurer 1893-95

Small, Gilbert Howard                     Committee 1885/86

Small, T                                           Committee 1890/91

Smith, Isaac                                    Secretary 1885 to 1898

Smith, Walter +                                Committee 1890 to 1892

Spratley, Herbert George               Committee 1885 to 1890

Squires, J                                       Committee 1894/95

Steabben, Arthur John                   Committee 1887 to 1891

Thompson, Walter George             Committee 1893/94

Walsh, E.I.                                      Committee 1894/95

Webdale, John                               Committee 1891/92

Webdale, T                                     Committee 1893/94 probably John Webdale

Wheeler, William Green                  Assistant Secretary 1886 to 1897

Whitby, Harry                                  Committee 1889/90

Wilkins, Henry                                 Committee 1886/87 and 1891 to 1894

Wilkinson, N                                    Committee 1890/91

Woodbridge, George                       Committee 1891/92

Wright, James                                 Committee 1893/94