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Luton Town Colour photographs


I have had these photos colourised at my own expense.  If you like them please consider making a donation to the Royal Osteoporosis Society – you will see a link on the homepage.  It’s a horrible disease so thank you for helping.

This photo shows J.C. Lomax in his Peterhouse (Cambridge University) shirt – the photo has been adapted.

George Deacon in the cardinal red shirt.  The quality of the photo affects the results.

This better quality photo of Bert Sanders in his cardinal red shirt has produced a better colourisation.

The 1894 team with the Luton Charity Cup on display – taken on the pitch with a backdrop cloth.

John Finlayson is his claret shirt.  He has stepped into the photographers studio in his work gear and put his shirt on – you can see his braces buttons.

The 1896 team with the Luton Charity Cup.  The two trainers and entire committee are in the shot with Dunstable Road in the background.

William Gallacher above.

The original photo was just good enough to colourise this 1898 team photo.

The 1900/01 Luton Town reserves with the Bedford and District League Cup.

Many thanks to Hugh Byrne for the colourisation.