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Luton – other football photographs

Luton – other football photographs

The first two schoolboy team photographs show the lads wearing the 8 pointed star on their shirts.

Christ Church Schoolboys, Luton 1894


Queen's Square School, Luton 1894:95

As the caption says, this is the Queen’s Square, Luton, school team of 1894/95.  Most of the lads are wearing their stern “playing faces.”


St. Matthews School Team 1897:98

The St. Matthews, High Town, Luton, school team of 1897/98.  Some very familiar Luton names on the caption. I managed to locate the newspaper article that goes with the the photo from the Luton Times of the 24th June 1898.

Luton Times 24th June 1898


Luton Clarence 1900:01

The 1900/01 Luton Clarence team.