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Gallery – other clubs

Gallery – Other Clubs


This is the 1899/00 team.

Herts Senior County League winners 1899/00

West Herts League Champions 1894/95, 1897/98

Herts Senior Cup runners up 1895/96

Herts Junior Cup winners 1896/97 (reserves)

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Bedford, below, played in Black and Amber in the 1891 Luton Charity Cup quarter final in which they beat the hosts 6 1.

Bedford FC 1890/91

Back row: George Royle (Treasurer), M.D. Nicholson, Alexander Houliston, Jack Seabrooke, Mark Barber (Secretary).

Middle row: F.B. “Taffy” Jones, A.F. Smith, Edwin Capon, F. Blaney, H. Perkins

Front row: H.H. Holland, Herbert W. Oclee (captain), W. Eaton.

Herbert Oclee would sign for Luton Town the following season.  M.D. Nicholson is often incorrectly called Mark.  His real name was Magnus Douglas Nicholson.  His badge appears to be Corinthians for whom he also played.  He signed for West Brom and won the F.A. Cup with them in 1892.  He later played for Luton Town – see him in “Looking back – Newspaper reports” which is also in the Library.

Thanks to David Williams, see his website on Bedford football at



Berkhamsted F.C. 1899:00


Burton Rangers


The 1882/83 team


Burton Wanderers


The 1894/95 team above taken from “The Wyvern” of the 14th September 1894.

Thanks to the University of Leicester for their kind help.

The above is the 1895 team.  The tin pots are, left to right, the Burton and District F.A. Challenge Cup, the Bass Charity Vase and the Kettering and District Charity Cup.

Midland League Champions 1893/94.

Burton and District F.A. Challenge Cup winners 1895,

Bass Charity Vase winners 1894/95 and Runners up in 1895/96, 1896/97, 1897/98 and 1899/00.

Kettering Charity Cup winners 1894/95



Casuals 1894

The photo is from 1894.

London Senior Cup runners up 1887, 1888, 1889, 1893,1895, 1896


Civil Service

Civil Service 1893

The above photo is their 1893 team.  Founder members of the Football Association.



Nickname – the Doggies (their ground was behind the Spotted Dog pub).

Clapton, London Senior Cup winners 1889

Clapton above in 1889 with the London Senior Cup.

London Junior Cup winners 1888 and 1893

Middlesex Senior Cup winners 1889.



Corinthians 1894

The photo above is from 1894.

The photo above is from 1897.

They were an amateur side of former University and Public School players.  In 1886 nine Corinthians represented England against Scotland.  In 1894 and 1895, the England games against Wales consisted of Eleven Corinthians.


Derby County


The 1893/94 team as published in “The Wyvern” of the 9th February 1894.

Thanks to Leicester University for their kind help.


Hanover United, later Polytechnic F.C.

Based in Regent Street, London, the Polytechnic football team were first known as Hanover United.  They were the first club to use, and therefore gave the world, the term “United.”  They played in blue and red stripes.

Quintin Hogg and Arthur, later Lord, Kinnaird played for the team and maintained an interest in the club.  Lord Kinnaird competed in 9 of the first 11 F.A. Cup finals and was President of the F.A. for 33 years.  Hanover United changed their name to Polytechnic under which name their greatest moment was beating Luton Town 4 2 in the 1892 F.A. Cup.  This photo is a little later.

Hanover United

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Harpenden Rovers

The following photo is taken from the Luton News of 30th March 1933.

Harpenden Rovers 1895



Ilford 1894

This is the Ilford team of 1894.  Ten of these players played the Straw Plaiters in the 1893/94 season….Spot, the dog, was dropped after an encounter with a goal post.

London Senior Cup winners 1901.  Runners up 1892 and 1898.


Leicester Fosse

The following five photos are courtesy of the University of Leicester.


The 1892/93 team above as featured in “The Wyvern” of 30th September 1892.


The 1893/94 team above published in “The Wyvern” of 26th January 1894.


The 1895/96 team above featured in “the Wyvern” of the 6th September 1895.


The 1896/97 team above from “the Wyvern” dated 6th November 1896.


The 1897/98 team photo above featured in the 8th October 1897 edition of “The Wyvern.”


Leicester Y.M.C.A.


Published in “The Wyvern” on the 31st March 1893.

Thanks to the University of Leicester for their kind help.


London Caledonians

Formerly known as United London Scottish.

Nickname – the Calies.

Middlesex Senior Cup winners in 1890, 1891, 1899 and 1900.  Runners up 1901.

London Senior Cup winners 1900, runners up 1899.

The photograph below was published on the 21st November 1891 in the “Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News.”  .

London Caledonians 1894

McFie had a trial with Luton Town in September 1891 but failed to impress.

Below is the 1894/95 team


Loughborough Town


The above photo is taken from “The Wyvern” of 11th November 1892.

Courtesy of the University of Leicester.


The above photo is taken from “The Wyvern” of 14th September 1894.

Courtesy of the University of Leicester.



Formed in 1870.  Contributed to the cost of the original F.A. Cup.

From Mymarlow dot co dot uk

Marlow won the Berks and Bucks Cup in 1881,1883, 1885, 1886, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1894, 1897, 1899 and 1900.


Millwall Athletic

Nickname – the Dockers.

Won the Luton Charity Cup in 1892 and the Southern League in 1895 and 1896.  The photo below is from the Summer of 1894.

Millwall Athletic 1894


Millwall 1896:97

The middle photo is from 1895.  Immediately above shows the team with the Southern League shield.


Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill 1899


New Brompton

New Brompton 1895

The 1895 team


Old Brightonians

The 1894/95 team.


Reigate Priory

Reigate Priory 1892

The 1892 team.

Won the Surrey Senior Cup in 1883, 1886, 1891, 1892, 1894 and 1897.  Runners up in 1884, 1885, 1887 and 1890.


Royal Arsenal

Royal Arsenal 1891

This photo is from 1891.  Three of these players later played for Luton Town- J.W. Julian (seated second from the left), Humphrey Barbour (seated on ground extreme left) and W. George (standing on ground second right).

Nickname – The Royalists

They would change their name to Woolwich Arsenal in 1893.



Nickname – The Russians

Kettering Charity Cup winners 1893,  Runners up 1891, 1897, 1898, 1899

Luton Charity Cup winners 1893  Runners up 1894, 1897

Northamptonshire Senior Cup winners 1888, 1893, 1895  Runners up 1889, 1890, 1891, 1897

Photo below from 1893 with the Northamptonshire Senior Cup, the Kettering and District Charity Cup and the Luton Charity Cup.

Rushden 1893

Back row: O. Claridge (Hon. Secretary), J. Lilley, H. Groome, A. Bailey, E. Attley, C. Clayton, T. Litchfield and W.G. Hatwell (Gen. Secretary)

Middle row: C. Pendered, W. Clarke, S. Allen (captain), J.L. Stanley, H.C. Lewis, G.H. Claridge

Front row: T. Minney, H. Parker, C. Church (vice captain).

Thanks to the website Rushden Heritage


Saint Albans

Herts Senior Cup winners 1892/93  Runners up 1889/90, 1890/91

Version 2

The above photo is from 1891/92.  The missing name is that of the irrepressible Sandford Ffolliott Pierpoint Moore.  S.F.P. played for the Straw Plaiters as did Dickerson, Dickson and the Reverend Bennett.

St. Albans 1895:96

The above photo is from 1895/96.  Five of these players also played for the Straw Plaiters, Alfred “Jack” Hoy (back row 5th left), Albert Sanders (seated 2nd left) with Jack Dickerson next to him in the centre.  The two players seated on the ground are Fred Allen (left) and William “Tip” Brown.


Saint Neots



Second Scots Guards

2nd Scots Guards 1894

The 1894 team.  A strong team so I have included them here and in the Army Gallery section.

Middlesex Senior Cup winners 1892, 1893 and 1895  Runners up 1898.


South Shore


Taken from “The Wyvern” of 26th January 1894

Thanks to the University of Leicester.


Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur 1884:85 1st and 2nd teams

The above is said to be the Tottenham Hotspur first and second teams from 1884/85.

Tottenham Hotspur 1900

The above photo is from 1900 and shows the Southern League Shield.



Nickname – the Vamps.

Vampires 1894:95

The clip above refers to St. Albans visit to the Vampires, the photo below is of the Vampires 1894/95 team.

Vampires 1894

Surrey Senior Cup runners up 1893


Watford St. Mary’s

Folded in 1893 but reformed the following year when this photo was taken.  Merged with West Herts in 1898 to form Watford F.C.

Watford St. Mary's 1894

Hertfordshire Senior Cup runners up 1894/95


Thanks for the photos of the St. Albans x 2, Calies, Millwall 1894/95, the Vampires and Watford St. Mary’s are due to David Tavener/St Albans City and St Albans Library.

Thanks to for the Marlow F.C. photo.