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I have gathered quite a few nicknames from the thousands of Victorian newspapers I have scoured so I thought I would share them with you.  I will begin, however, with nicknames of towns and cities;


Burton – Beerborough, due to it beer production.

Kettering – The “Holy City”, an odd one, the origin of which is unknown.

Luton – “Strawopolis” and “Plaitopolis” (pronounced Plattopolis).

Manchester – Cottonopolis, due to the many cotton mills.


Here is the list of clubs nicknames, official and unofficial;

Brighton United – “Greenbanks” in 1898 on account of their green shirts.

Cambridge Granta – the “Cams” in 1889.

Clapton F.C. – the “Doggies” – their ground was behind the Spotted Dog Pub in Upton.

Grantham Rovers – the “Gingerbread men” in 1890.  They played in Amber and Black.

Grimsby – The “Fishermen” in 1898

Kettering – “Ket”, the cry of “Play up Ket” was heard in 1892.

London Caledonians – the “Calies” in 1892.

Loughborough – “The Luffs” in 1897.

Luton Excelsior – the “Ex’s”

Luton Montrose – The “Monts”

Luton Town F.C. – The “Straw Plaiters” given by London Newspapers in 1889.  Later also the “reds,” the “Stripes,” and the “Blues” due to their shirts.

Middlesbrough Ironopolis – the “Nops” and the “Washers”.

Millwall Rovers/Athletic – the “Dockers” from 1888 onwards.

Newcastle United – The “Coalies” in 1898.

Newton Heath – The “Heathens” in 1897.

Notts Forest – the “Lacemakers”, in 1889.

Old St. Stephen’s – the “Old ‘uns” in 1893.  Also the “Old Collegians.”

Old St. Paul’s – the “Saints” in 1890

Old Westminsters – the “Pinks” on account of their pink shirts.

Reading – the “Biscuitmen” or the “Biscuit Boys” in 1896 – related to the Huntley and Palmer Biscuit factory.

Royal Arsenal – the “Royalists”, up to 1893 when they became Woolwich Arsenal.

Rushden – the “Russians” in 1889

St. Albans – the “Pinks” after October 1893 when they changed their shirt colours to black and pink (before this they played in amber and blue).  Also the “Saints.”

Sheffield United – the “knife grinders”, in 1889.

Vampires – the “Vamps”.

West Herts/Watford Rovers – the “Ham-chewers” a play on “Amateurs” by the Luton press in 1894.

Windsor Phoenix – the “Blues”, after the colour of their shirts in 1891.

Wolverton L. & N.W. – the “Wolves”.  Also the “Railwaymen”.