I will extract information from the main story and set them out here under separate headings.  For instance, there will be a heading “Dallow Lane Ground.”  I will take the information about the ground from the story as it is published and place it under a heading.  This will enable you to read solely about the ground if you wish.  Other headings will include professionalism, the fans, kit, statistics, the local football association, myths and the Southern League.

A to Z of Clubs A to L

A to Z of Clubs M to Z

Army Football

Dallow Lane – development of the ground

Dunstable Road ground

Eight pointed star badge

Football Association, Regional

Football Laws, tactics and kit 1885 to 1901

Grounds around the town

Kettering and District Football Charity Cup

Ladies Football

Looking back – newspaper reports

Luton Charity Cup

Myth or fact?


Penalty Kick




Rivalry, The

Shirt Colours 1885 to 1896

Shirt Colours 1896 to 1901

Shirt Colours, goalkeepers


Song, The first sung at a Luton match

Southern League, The road to