This page records mentions of this website and work I have done.  I have included this page mainly to prove to my parents that I am doing something in retirement other than watch football and drink real ale.

Roger Wash, the Club Historian, kindly mentioned the website in the Burton Albion programme of 11th April 2015.

LTFC programme 11th April 2015

The second is an article I was asked to write for the Luton Town programme.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.24.04


One of the breakthoughs in my research was contacting Peterhouse, Cambridge University about the records of J.C. and E. H. Lomax.  A wonderful man named Philip Pattenden, a Lutonian, provided me with photos (and other useful information) which helped me identify the brothers in the 1889 team photo and inspired me.  In exchange for his help, I agreed to write an article on the brothers’ lives for the Peterhouse year book.  This was published in 2016.


I helped Paul Brown in a small way on his article on the penalty kick in “When Saturday Comes” issue 363.


I was chuffed about this haiku which appeared after an 1885 walking tour.


I have been in regular contact with David Moor of historicalkits.co.uk and there are three mentions on his site.

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The following caption refers to the kits above.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.55.40

The second follows;

Historical kits 1

And thirdly;

Historical kits 2


Another favourite website of mine also gave the site a mention – gottfriedfuchs.blogspot.co.uk also know as “Before the “D”…Association football around the world 1863-1937.”

from http:::gottfriedfuchs.blogspot.co.uk


During the course of my research I have come across information about other clubs as the following clips from the Historical Kits site show;

Historical Kits 26th May 2016

Historical kits 20:5:2016

Historical kits 20:2:2016

Historical kits