This section contains biographies of players and committee members.  You can visit biographies individually or via the alphabetical sections where you can read a number at a time.

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Beldam, George William

Bennett, James Henry

Bennett, The Reverend Charles William

Birch, Edwin

Blessington, James

Brock, John

Brown, William

Clarke, Walter

Clifford, Thomas

Cox, Arthur George

Crump, William

Daw, Edwin

Deacon, George

Dickson, James William

Dow, James

Durrant, Jack

Eckford, John

Fairgrieve, Walter

Ford, Charles

Ford, William Gracey

Furlong, John Butler

Galbraith, Hugh

Gill, James Herbert

Hewitt, George

Holdstock, Herbert

Hoy, Alfred Ernest

Hucklesby, Herbert Edward

Hughes, Thomas Nelson

Inglis, James Allen

Jackson, Henry

Julian, John William

Kemplay, James

Lindsay, William

Lomax, David Alexander Napier

Lomax, Ernest Herbert

Lomax, John Charles

Long, John

McCurdy, William

McInnes, Tommy

Miller, Walter Frederick

Molyneux, Fred

Monks, James

Moody, Herbert

Moore, James Alexander William

Moore, Sandford Ffolliott Pierpoint

Morrison, Frank

Ord, Roger

Parkinson, Robert

Perkins, William

Pitkin, Frank

Prime, Israel “William”

Ralley, William

Sanders, Albert Edward

Saxton, Arthur

Sharp, David

Smart, Thomas

Smith, Walter

Stanley, Sidney Margetts

Stewart, William

Taylor, Arthur Holey

Thring, Lionel Charles Reginald

Tierney, Thomas

White, Fred

Williams, Harry

Williams, Richard

Wilson, John