William Gallacher & two friends. IMG_20151009_0001

The first photo in this gallery is courtesy of Colin Gudgin who is the custodian of the Prime family album.  Colin contacted me about his relation, Israel Prime, also known as William, the Luton Town trainer.  We are compiling an entry for Israel for the Hall of Fame.  However, amongst Colin’s family album was this photo.  It appears that William Gallacher was a good friend of Israel as the family album contained a couple of photos of him.  The other men were a mystery when they arrived with me.

This photo shows Gallacher sitting on the left in his best suit.  I was able to identify the other sitting man as James McEwen the Luton Town back and standing is John Finlayson the forward – also in their best suits.  The button holes indicate a wedding – John Finlayson married on the 13th April 1896 in Luton.  We cannot be certain but if you were composing a photo of this type then the groom would be centre between his two best friends.  The men are very well groomed and in their best suits.  A strong possibility therefore that we can identify the date that this photo was taken, 13th April 1896.

The quality of the photo is superb (apart from a couple of blemishes) and you can zoom in to see their watch fobs – all three are different.

Thanks to Colin Gudgin, custodian of the Prime family album.




Thanks to Dean Finlayson.



Arthur H. TaylorArthur Taylor














Willima "Tip" BrownWilliam %22Tip%22 Brown (1)



George Chubby Deacon




James “Punch” McEwan


Thanks to Colin Gudgin, custodian of the Prime family album, for the above photo of Punch with his wife, Lizzie Scott Nash who was a Lutonian.  He married his Luton lass in 1896.

James McEwan 3

James McEwan 2

James McEwan

James %22Punch%22 McEwen 1895:96


Israel “William” Prime

Israel (William) Prime

Israel (William) Prime 2

These two photographs of Israel Prime, known as William, are by kind permission of Colin Gudgin, custodian of the Prime Family album.  William was one of the Luton Town trainers and can be seen in the 1894/95 team photo.


Hugh “Gally” Galbraith

Hugh Galbraith

Hugh Galbraith 1896


William Gallacher

William Gallacher 2

This superb photograph (above) of William Gallacher gives us a close up of the claret shirt and 8 pointed star badge.  By kind permission of Colin Gudgin, custodian of the Prime Family album.  William is below in his black, red and white shirt.

William Gallacher


George Perrins

George Perrins


Frederick George Ekins

Frederick George Ekins

George Frederick Ekins 1895:96


James Docherty

James Docherty


John McCartney

John McCartney

John McCartney 1895:96


Tom McInnes

Tom McInnes


Samuel Davies

Samuel Davies


Richard Williams

Robert Donaldson


Billy Lawson

Billy Lawson

Billy Lawson

Billy became Luton Town trainer in 1894 and he remained in that post until retirement in 1922.  The towel retired at the same time.


J.W. “Bill” Julian

J.W. Julian 2

J.W. Julian

In November 1892, the club committee allowed Mr Tearle to sell this Carte de visite at matches.  The supporters wore them in their hats, weather permitting.


Lionel Charles Reginald Thring

L.C.R. Thring

L.C.R. thring and wife


Jack Dickerson

The 1890’s gradually saw newspapers turn away from sketches to photographs.  The weekly newspapers and magazines appear to have lead the way – the two photographs of Jack are from such publications.  The sketches are from local newspapers.

Jack Dickerson 1891:92Jack Dickerson 1895:96

The above are from St. Albans team photographs of 1891/92 and 1895/96.

Jack Dickerson 1895Jack Dickerson

The above two sketches show Jack in his “Red with Star” shirt and in civvies.


Joseph “Connie” Watkins

Joseph %22Connie%22 Watkins 1895:96Joseph %22Connie%22 Watkins 2


Robert Parkinson

Robert Parkinson 1895:96


James Docherty

James Doherty 1895:96


Edwin Birch

Edwin Birch 1895:96


William “Billy” Prentice

William Prentice


William Harold Crump

Harry Crump 1898


Thanks to Roger Wash.